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a very memorable bubble hand i was involved in:

The bubble was a swift but dramatic affair – dramatic largely because of the twin fates of the only husband and wife team playing the event, Henri and Katri Kasper. Henri was just a few places from the money when he got his stack in with against Andy Bell’s and looked set to double up when he flopped a full house against Bell’s trips. But the full board ran out giving Bell quads on the river, and Kasper busted out



Blogger Contest Part 1: Results!


RankingHero and Betsson Group offer you an exclusive €1,500 VIP package including:

The buy-in for the Battle of Malta Main Event

A 5-star hotel

Travel expenses

And you get to be the official RKH reporter in Malta!

Your first task as a RankingHero reporter was to imagine and describe a hand on the money bubble. #BloggersBubble 

Here are the points you earned in this round:


Jury points

Likes bonus points 

(1 pt / 10 likes)

Total points

@Skilful  8 -


@Kat Arnsby  7 1


@Jonny2192  6 1


@DecoGTX  5 -


@William Calder  4 1


@Santo Abate  3 1


@Allin  2 -


@Zia Gabry  2 -



This afternoon we launch the second challenge!

Stay tuned!





Everything will ultimately be settled with cards and chips:

At the end of the 3 contests, the 9 members who earn the most points will participate in a private SNG to decide who gets the €1,500 package to Malta!



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Thanks! Look forward to the next challenge, good luck everyone!


The atmosphere is electric as the tournament officials stand like sentinels between the tables to watch the bubble hands here at the Battle Of Malta Main Event. .


Nearly every table has completed the fifth hand on the money bubble, with blinds at 3000/6000/600. There is still action on table 4 and the tension at the table is unbearable.

Joe Bloggs, an unknown amateur, all the way from Cardiff, raises to 14k, and action passes to Whiz Kid, a online professional who 3bets him to 32k from the button. Bloggs has The Kid covered, but only just, with Bloggs at 150k and The Kid at 122k, this is a pivotal hand for both players, neither of them are safe.


Bloggs tanks for about 3 minutes, and eventually The Kid calls the clock on him. Is this a pressure move on a less experienced player? It's hard to say, a clock call is rare at this stage of the game, but 3minutes is a long time...

Bloggs finally calls.


Flop – Ac 8h 9s.


Bloggs quickly checks and now it's The Kid's turn to tank. The tourney officials are getting a bit ratty as other players leave their seats and crowd round table 4. The excitement is palpable as play has been so slow for the last hour, and now there is the smell of money in the air.


Bloggs stares at The Kid, and he stares back silently. Then he uses his right hand to slowly count out 35k and push it smoothly across the action line. The dealer hasn't even had time to count the bet before Bloggs almost shouts “I'M ALL IN!” and clumsily shunts his stack.

The Kid freezes.

For the first time in this hand, I can see the mark of stress on The Kid. He puts his hands under his hood and massages his temples. He looks up at Bloggs who is standing up. Bloggs looks nervous, and there is a thin bead of sweat forming on his forehead.
At any other time of the tournament, I might think he was bluffing, but as any player knows, if you're all in on the flop on the money bubble, even the current nuts doesn't feel safe!


The Kid starts nodding before he speaks, and then announces, “I call.”


Bloggs- Ad 10h

The Kid- 8c 9c


Board – Ac 8h 9s


Bloggs is obviously devastated; if you recall from yesterday's coverage, this is his first live event, and he has satellited into this tourney for $50. He doesn't so much sit down as collapse into his chair.

It's easy to see how much poker The Kid has played, because he doesn't look at all relaxed, and I expect he won't until the pot is in his hands and the cash is in his pocket.

As the dealer sorts the pot, the spectators murmur comments about the hand, neither Bloggs or The Kid notice, as they both remain motionless, Bloggs staring at the floor and The Kid staring at the flop.


Turn- 7c


There is noise from the spectators and Bloggs raises his head, The Kid gulps. Bloggs has maintained the 30% equity he had on the flop by turning an up and down straight-draw, although The Kid now also has a flush draw.

The Kid's composure finally breaks, and he stands up quickly, like his legs suddenly had too much energy in them.

The dealer is told to deal the river and there is a collective intake of breath, this card could mean that everyone here is now £4k better off.


River- 7h

Winning hand: Joe Bloggs- Two pair: Aces and Sevens


The Kid drops his head, and there is a roar from the crowd. Bloggs looks totally shocked, and The Kid has to tap him on the shoulder to get his attention to shake his hand.

Bloggs shakes his opponent's hand, and The Kid is slapped on the back and told how unlucky he was. As the tournament officials try to wrangle overexcited players back into seats and announce the end of hand for hand play, I watch The Kid as he wanders towards the bar and sits forlornly, looking back at the card tables. I guess it doesn't matter how much poker one plays, a beat on the bubble is will always be unbearably painful.

Every seated player is now a Battle Of Malta Main Event cashing player: CONGRATULATIONS, one of you is one step closer to being the champion!

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Loved your submission, Kat! Think you'll be equally inspired by the next 'written assignment' :) It's coming right up so stay tuned! 
Meanwhile, maybe you can share some articles from your site?.. PLEASE?... :)

Cheers Annie,
I am so mad busy, which is always nice! I will have a proper look around the site, I'm always looking to share good stuff.
I like what I've seen of RankingHero so far, although I'm confused as to how all the distinctions work etc. I'm sure I'll work it out.



player in seat 1 GO ALL IN WITH 100.0 K -  3b 3c

player in seat 2 FOLD

player in seat 3 FOLD

player in seat 4 FOLD

player in seat 5 FOLD 

player in seat 6 FOLD

player in seat 7 FOLD

player in seat 8 FOLD

player in seat 9 CALLS WITH 100.0 K -  Ab Kb


FLOP Ac As kc

Turn 3s

River 3 h


Blog & Go Contest Part 1: Describe a hand

Was running out of days, so a few rough edges but hope you all enjoy :)



Nice picture @DecoGTX think I will have a dog do commentary next time :)

I actually have a Free Blog that covers a few subjects, and one of them is poker. Lots of great tips. Come check it out, and I'd love to hear feed back if you like the articles, or if there is somthing you'd want to hear more about.
========>       Check out my blog HERE

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If you have any question, you can ask me or @Ina Rkh. We're here to help .

And as you are a blogger, you might be interested in our last contest: http://www.rankinghero.com/en/rooms/32/Betsson.Group/activity/2684496.html#activity

Blog & Go Contest Part 1: Describe a hand - Ranking Hero www.rankinghero.com

Do not hestitate to see what other members did clicking on the hashtag #BloggersBubble. There you'll meet some members and share with them!

Absolutely. I apreciate it. I'm new to blogging, so I'm mostly trying to get the word out that my site exists. It's a side project because I have my doubts I'll make any money from it. Mostly people just want free information. But it's something to do with my extra time.


player in seat 1 GO ALL IN WITH 100.0 K -  Ac Kc

player in seat 2 FOLD

player in seat 3 FOLD

player in seat 4 FOLD

player in seat 5 CALLS WITH 99.0 K -          Ab Kb

player in seat 6 FOLD

player in seat 7 FOLD

player in seat 8 FOLD

player in seat 9 FOLD






Villain Poker Hand, bubble:



V1 - UTG A♣A♦




V1 Raise

V2 Call

V3 Reraise

V1+V2 Call















What a setup! Yes i think the stretcher is definately needed

John Dwyer agonizingly close to cashing the Battle of Malta

As the 2015 bubble bursts along with his hopes for a deep run.

The bubble was painless this year for the floor managers as it involved just one all-in, (unlike the mad scramble of 2013).

For three times Battle of Malta final tablist, John Dwyer, the experience was anything but painless.

The professional poker player known for his expert mathematical play took an entire sixteen minutes, before he decided to commit his remaining chips and tournament life to Newhouse's river shove. The length of time that Dwyer went into the tank was made all the more remarkable because of the strength of the hand he was holding - a fullhouse (queens full).

Despite the sixteen minutes of consideration which must have seemed like an eternity for the other players at the table, not one player asked for the clock.

"There are some moments in poker that are so important you just don't call the clock, this was one of those moments", Daniel Negreanu remarked when interviewed.

Negreanu had to jump from his chair to catch Dwyer who almost collapsed to the floor! When his opponent tabled quad fives.

Departing the casino amidst a chorus of 'wow, so brutal!', and "so sick man", Dwyer was heard to cry, "I knew I should have folded the queens pre-flop. Why didn't I fold the queens?".

On the green felt one person's destruction is another person's bounty however and the very same ice cold deck: - 


that ended Dwyer's dreams, catapulted the remaining one hundred players into the money, instantly creating a carnival atmosphere across the floor.

They have their work cut out though if they want to take this tournament down. The chip leader Emty (of Ranking Hero) has a cool 1.1 million chips and shows no signs of abating his relentless ascent.

Emty who attributes a large part of his success to the Ranking Hero club he attends commented "It's all about the sense of community and fun for me, it has really motivated me to do great things with my game".

In fact, all 9 of the current chip leaders are regulars at the Ranking Hero club.

You can relive the brutal bubble hand here, courtesy of our replayer: -

Play resumes tomorrow at 10am.


Hey I'm chip leaderNice job #skilful   and 

Thanks! The whole of BOM is fearing you now! I saw it :)


I want to describe how the final hand, the hand that did the bubble burst in the Grand Series of Poker (GSOP) Live Malta 2010 Super Sat, 24.11.2010. We were down to 13 on two tables. In the table next to mine there were 6 players. player number 1 is the shortest of all and immediately called all in the number 2 fold the number 3 fold the number 4 (2nd in the rankings) also goes to him in the folds number 5 and number 6 (1 in the rankings with only 1,000 more than the player number 4) starts to think, spend three minutes number 4 calls time and after this gesture the number 6 called. My table is all up to see the evolution (I was 10th in the ranking).

At the showdown the number 1 to a pair of 5 (hearts and spades) 17.07%, the number 4 a pair of king (clubs and spades) 17,40% and the number 6 aces (clubs and spades) 65 , 52%. After the roar of the spectators on the flop of 3 hearts 7 paintings and 10 paintings, the percentages are now 10.07% player 1, player 4 8.74%, 81.17% player 6, the queen of diamonds in round percentages of 4,76 % for player 1 and for player 4. at the rive 5 clubs. The number 4 is sensationally knocked out on the bubble and all we celebrated the entry in the money (ITM).