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#HandMalta #BOMTurn 


Ahhyaaa!!! That spade on the turn hurts. I look down to see if my hand magically changed to Ax Spades, and boom.. Denied! Still kings. 


Luckily for me, villain checks and I will easily check back to see the river, hoping for the board to pair. I could also consider a block bet to try to get a cheap showdown, but seeing that he already donk bet the flop, i have no guarantee that he won't do the same on the river. 

Check. Give me a full house dealer!!! Let's Go 

#HandMalta #BOMturn 


The turn card is 3♠

Villain checks.

The pot is 84,800. You have a 90,500 stack.


What do you ?

I knew it that this damn spade comes on turnwhat's ok ok our opponent let us se river for FREEE

so the right desicion im think would be CHECK

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Oops sorry im wrong,thank you for help#Andrea Stellato 

Welcome mate

Cheking this turn is a standard move and gives me  a free ride to the river but my oponent,an aggressive and tilted Sweedish pro might se it as a sign of weakness and he could float the river with a proper bet and throw me away from this hand -i dont want that-.

I like to keep things in control ,i am the aggressor here,i bet 25k to gather some intel ,see where i stand - how he reacts.


#HandMalta  #BOMturn

#HandMalta #BOMturn

LOL I was expecting this and that is why I did not want to raise the flop but its useless crying over spilt milk now. The pot is now 84,800 almost the size of my stack 90,500. If the villain had any spades now he definitely has a flush and since he even called my raise on the flop I am assuming he has the Ace of spade and maybe is checking the turn to check raise me. I will check the turn and hope to hit my full house on the river or even better quads!

#HandMalta #BOMturn

#BOMturn #HandMalta 

I K♥K♦


He bet, I re-raise, He call


He check


I look right into his eyes....

with that great laugh...

I will save it in the bouble for now !!

I check....let's go to RIVER !!!


#HandMalta & #BOMturn

I will check the turn for pot control . i will see the river hopping to get full or four of a kind . i do not want to risk the elimination with this big stack because if i bet somewhere like 35k on the turn and he will push allin i have to fold after invested soo much in this pot where any spade beat my set

My entry to the Malta competition turn play is below :)

Edit: Can you believe this?


I'm even on the button! haha

Little does he know how expert I am on this line thanks to RankingHero


Here is the hand:

Imagine you’re in Malta playing the 2015 PokerListings Battle of Malta. Lucky you!

You are close to the bubble.
The blinds are 1,000/2,000/200.



Everyone folds to the player in middle position. He’s an aggressive Swedish pro, with 136,250 chips, and he raises to 5,000. Two hands earlier, the villain lost 20% of his stack on a bluff on the river.

You’re on the button with K♥K♦ and a stack of 130,500.


You decide to 3-bet 12,000 chips.

The small blind and the big blind both fold.
Villain calls.

The pot is now 28,800 chips.



The dealer reveals Q♠K♠7♠.

Villain bets 12,000.

The action is back on you. You now have a 118,500 stack.

You raise his bet to 28,000 chips.

Villain decides to call.


The turn card is 3♠

Villain checks.

The pot is 84,800. You have a 90,500 stack.


What do you do?

OK this isn't actually as bad as it might look at first glance this guy is a pro, he's very unlikely to be calling with weak flush draws given how polarised our range is after we 3bet preflop and raised his donk lead on the flop. What more we are shallow which means he's just not getting the implied odds if he hits and he will know this.

The ace high flush is really the only card he's going to be betting for value on the river knowing how strong our range. The rest of the hands he bets on the river (the majority of his range that does bet) is going to be a bluff.

What's more he doesn't know that we are capable of thinking this hand through in the way we have, Given this and his earlier bluff the best play here is to check behind. Sure we run a small risk of the board running out to a 5 card flush but that's slim given the spades already out there and the other suits in the deck.

So with that in mind, and a smart little bit of


Let's check behind here.

We give him the opportunity to bluff using the evidence we've already gleamed from two hands previous on the river. While at the same time not isolating ourselves against hands that beat us. Sure we had a set on the flop, but our hand strength relative to the board has just plummeted. But we are still strong Vs the whole range of hands he could be holding and have a nice little

For the river. If he does go for a half pot or less bluff on the river (and really no reason for him to bet more if he is bluffing) and we call, we are still going to have 20bbs left more than enough for us to try to manouvre ourselves through the bubble and into the later stages of the tournament.

Bring it on Swedish Pro. I check. Lets see a river!

#HandMalta & #BOMturn.

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Thanks @Rémi Rkh !


#HandMalta #BOMturn 

The 3 of Spades. WOW this is a tough spot but I am absolutely checking behind. I think if he had a stinky ace of spade it makes sense the way he has bet called the turn and if I bet here and he flats what will I do on an unpaired board on the river if he leads out. My sense is given the bubble is close pot control is the key here. The fact that if the board pairs on the river I can make and 1/2 pot bet and get paid for sure. He may even open shuv the river now I have checked behind. So for these reasons I make a slow executive check and hold my breath. Check for the paired board!!

 #HandMalta  #BOMturn  

Now with every street, it gets deeper than deep.

But i'm still the fave, so lets not sleep.



His 35 to my 65(%)

 equity's there, so now let's survive

or take the ride, without concern

Eleven percent that he hits the turn,

But 58% of the time, no flush or draw in my logical mind

5% he's got three of a kind

and barely 2%, that his two pair's fine...%'s he hits Turn



I don't believe my luck, i hope it's not a chop

If a next spade hits, i think my jaw will drop

If i "check" back here will he ship the lot?

or is he slowing down, to a gallop or trot?


So now "pot control" is deep inside my soul,

as i rap the felt, let my emotions hold

I can't lose control, i'm here losing weight

as i meditate, do i hallucinate?

Should i accelerate or simply demonstrate?

that i got this locked, walk with my winning "gait"

winners SWAG


Or will he bluff the last card?, i do hope so

an bust rivers an shivers back to his Swedish home...


Now if the river's a spade, he still could have a weak flush

about ten percent i think the the board runs "lush"


So has he got the "fear", or does he set his trap?

To see just where i'm at, he pulls down on his hat

he's never folding worse or spewing off his stack

if he is well ahead, by now we'd all know that

well that's enough mad chat, i have to feed the cat

so glad i checked back, now this is where i'm at...



Cheerfully awaiting devine rivers to bring, and the players to sing

i hope the river's a King...

this pot is big enought to commit us, oppo maybe have a double pair KQ without any spades, a straight draw with J10s other seed or a set of 7's or AQ without spades, or he have spades ace and just trap us to bet with his check.

i check back ..

#HandMalta & #BOMturn.