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The Bingo Mission : 10th session = 0 bingo .

i had told here : " i will go to bingo cause i want to see how many years i need to make 1 bingo "


about more seriusly things:

You have successfully reserved 1 space/spaces for WSOP CIRCUIT – EVENT #3 300€ FREEZEOUT DAY 1 (RING 3).

You have successfully reserved 1 space/spaces for WSOP CIRCUIT SUPERDEEP – EVENT #8 400€ DAY 1 (RING 8).

have a good day DreamWalker ( step before heroes qualify)

i had post my intention to doin2 event mini WSOP it. into an italian poker forum. LoL

i get some heavy critic about my bankroll managment...about i am a gambler and bla bla bla bla....

what i see? it's full of people who think about poker is online same as live poker, that's not true.

in the last 2-3 year i start try live poker sometimes , so every year i get some money , not too much just a little drop.... but what i see is that: online , specially .it , is impossible to get also this little money, not cause the field or my run but only cause is impossible. no way.

it's a money bussiness it's not a honest money game.

so why noone of my internation friend and supporter sayd me hey alessio u crazy u waste ur money into 2 event when u can run online with good result maybe to abi 5-10....

i know why, cause my internation friend maybe play online poker from 10 years as me with any luck as me and here there is people which is fan of Live games...

i'm sorry if i hate the supernovas or the lucky guys which found money online, but for me is not alloweed, i dunno why, but that is.

so i replyed to that online pro : u have good run online? make big volume?have bankroll? do you brave enought to play Live WSOP series?

cause i love to kill the online "pro"... pro of what? bingos pro...but they dunno difference from online and live poker.

bah... i think many people si jealous also about a braveheart, thay called me gambler. ok

maybe it's true. i wanna be an heroes this bankroll 1,5k is perfect to try a jump, otherwise is a slow die, so max power and gogogo. tired to be busted from donks into a local poker room at low buyin.very tired.

for sure i will not have a good results, but that is what i want to do, something i can remember.

if i not play any WSOP event 25km from home with 1500 roll, when i want to play it?

Life is NOW.

i dont wanna lost myself into poker online more. one day they will search for me,maybe from that day i can play online with profit.


The Hands that Made Jonathan Dimmig a Millionaire in the WSOP Millionaire Maker

"This is a dream come true," the #WSOP8 #MillionaireMaker winner said right after besting an incredible field of 7,977 entrants who had generated a prizepool of $10,768,950.


@Jonathan Dimmig said he had played the #WSOP  Main Events in the past three years but this is his first big cash and takes him from $35,712 in live earnings since 2010 to $1,355,299!!!

 "This is a dream come true!"

Jonathan Dimmig emerged as the chip leader at the end of Day 2 and came into the final table on Day 4 fifth in chips. He was initially 10 million short of the chip leader, @Steve Graner whom he eliminated in sixth place when his 8♣ 9♣ hit a higher straight than Graner's 5♣ 5♠.

Next big moment for Jonathan was hand 139, when he eliminated @Andrew Teng with a rivered set for his  2♠ 2♣.


In hand 184, Dimmig, with A♥ 10♠  took out @James Duke who went all in first with a short stack and Q♠ 8♦ :


Hand 185 was the first one of heads-up play and gave Dimmig a two-to-one chip advantage. Jeffrey Coburn raised to 1.5 million and was called. He made a continuation bet after the 9♦ 8♦ 5♦ flop and Jonathan Dimmig responded with a raise. Coburn moved all in and was called:


Hand 190 ended the heads up with @Jeffrey Coburn who raised to 1.5 million and Dimmig called. Dimmig moved all in after the flop came 3♦ 3♠ 2♣  and Coburn decided his K♦ Q♥ could hold up:

All the results are up on RankingHero:  Event 8 WSOP No Limit Hold'em Millionare Maker

Check the full #WSOP2014 schedule here


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I agree too !  80 % skill and 20 % luck - the formula to success

very interesting thanks

WSOP Millionaire Maker Down from 7,977 to 3 Players

The record-breaking field of 7,977 in the Millionaire Maker #WSOP8 is now drawing to an end. Winner is going to get $1,319,587!

Here is an interesting hand that took out UK's @Andrew Teng in fourth place. Teng moved all in from the small blind and was called by @Jonathan Dimmig out of the big blind with 2♠ 2♣ :

The turn was Q♥ and the board looked good for Teng, but the river took the pot to Dimmig:


Event 8 WSOP No Limit Hold'em Millionare Maker

And Dimmig does it again - his pocket 4s were saved from a terrible turn card by the 6♣ on the river and he doubled up in chips against @James Duke 

Une main de ARGANE qui pour ma part et l'interprétation que j'en fait ... prend le BAD de la semaine !!! 

je vous laisse seul juge mais j'aimerai bien l'avis éclairé de @Nicolas Levi par exemple sur le moove 


Tournament "No Limit Hold'em" buyIn: 1,80€ + 0,20€ level: 4 - HandId: #343543404531023873-14-1397335339 - Holdem no limit (40/80) - 2014/04/12 20:42:19 UTC
Table: 'No Limit Hold'em(79987432)#0' 10-max (real money) Seat #8 is the button
Seat 3: JUANITO83X (2200)
Seat 4: oOBradyOo (1615)
Seat 5: cocker fun (1325)
Seat 6: carlita96 (1340)
Seat 7: Argane (1365)
Seat 8: R0OCKET (2370)
Seat 10: Bastienzz (4785)
Bastienzz posts small blind 40
JUANITO83X posts big blind 80
Dealt to Argane 
[8C] [8D]
oOBradyOo folds
cocker fun folds
carlita96 folds
Argane raises 96 to 176
R0OCKET calls 176
Bastienzz folds
JUANITO83X calls 96
[5H] [8H] [9S]
JUANITO83X bets 568
Argane raises 621 to 1189 and is all-in
R0OCKET folds
JUANITO83X calls 621
[5H] [8H] [9S] [6H]
[5H] [8H] [9S] [6H] [AH]
Argane shows 
[8C] [8D] (Trips of 8)
JUANITO83X shows 
[AS] [9H] (Flush Ace high)
JUANITO83X collected 2946 from pot
Total pot 2946 | No rake
[5H] [8H] [9S] [6H] [AH]
Seat 3: JUANITO83X (big blind) showed 
[AS] [9H] and won 2946 with Flush Ace high
Seat 7: Argane showed 
[8C] [8D] and lost with Trips of 8


 (pas mal le smiley pour empêcher de vomir ... rires) 

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Le pire bad beat est toujours le dernier qu'on vient de prendre!

Merci Nicolas pour la réponse ... 

Pour @Jey > non c'ets pas bof bof de s'envoyer en l'air avec TPTK car la stack de départ est de 1365 donc sur la relance de poney au flop en n'ayant les nuts c'est plus que EV++ comme moove