PokerListings Battle of Malta
PokerListings Battle of Malta
PokerListings Battle of Malta
Casino at Portomaso
Tuesday 3 November 2015 - Monday 9 November 2015
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Battle of Malta's Mystery Hand - Win a €1,500 package!

 Notice that the hashtags have changed.

#HandMalta #BOMflop


Hi Ranking Heroes,


All this week and this week only, we invite you to play an imaginary hand with us.

Every afternoon, we shall reveal a new street, and you’ll have 24 hours to tell us what you would do.

Our judge @Nicolas Levi will evaluate the 5 members who get the most likes on the total of their posts (meaning if you arrive late or miss one street, you still have a shot).


It's over for the Preflop. Now it's time for the FLOP!




The best entry will get a €1,500 VIP package for the 2015 PokerListings Battle Of Malta

5 nights at the 5-Star Hilton Hotel

Sunday “After Battle” Prosecco Breakfast at Hilton

€550 Main Event buy-in with €500,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool

Daily buffet at the Portomaso Casino for tournament players

Ticket to VIP Opening Cocktail Party, complimentary welcome drink

Ticket to All-in Friday event

Ticket to BOM Official VIP Player Party


Here is the hand:

Imagine you’re in Malta playing the 2015 PokerListings Battle of Malta. Lucky you!

You are close to the bubble.
The blinds are 1,000/2,000/200.



Everyone folds to the player in middle position. He’s an aggressive Swedish pro, with 136,250 chips, and he raises to 5,000. Two hands earlier, the villain lost 20% of his stack on a bluff on the river.

You’re on the button with K♥K♦ and a stack of 130,500.


You decide to 3-bet 12,000 chips.

The small blind and the big blind both fold.
Villain calls.

The pot is now 28,800 chips.



The dealer reveals Q♠K♠7♠.

Villain bets 12,000.

The action is back on you. You now have a 118,500 stack.

What do you do?

Make your move and share in a post with the 2 hashtags #HandMalta & #BOMflop.


Next step revealed friday afternoon!


Good luck!


a ce moment la, il bluff ou à les nuts!

avec mon brelan, je suis pas si mal contre la plus grande majorité de sa range! donc je pourrais raise:

il fold ses bluffs!! ou me fait tapis???? dans le 1er cas je ne prends rien de plus, et dans le cdeuxieme j' ai une decision hyper compliqué! 

Donc je decide de just call, pour garder toute sa range de bluff!  en meme temps, j' ai 20% pour ameliorer mon jeu qui est deja tres bon!

@mandrin81 :))) to participate in the mission, pls post on your blog in English with the accurates hashtags :)))

#HandMalta #Bomflop

Boom...SET!!! But also flush possibilties and he bets bit less than half the pot having no position, I could just call but I think this is too weak + I would let him draw to a possible A high flush for a very small price. If he has a smallish flush he may re-raise me again, leaving me with the decision to risk my tournament with my full house redraws...but first things first, I tank a bit and finally I re-raise to 30k leaving me with 88,5k ...after the raise my eyes focus the flop awaiting his decision...my heart is pumping a bit faster than usual, its tense but I feel confident!

Posted mine :)

Hope I got my tags right

I have in this spot so many times....at this time ig for big........if he has a spade...i can see him chacing so if he wants he will have to pay.......i go all in....sorry...been burnet a lot already lol...all in all in all in..............pay if u want...go go go#HandMalta#Bomflop

@Bruno Rilho think to post it on your blog ;)