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Poker Movie Quiz: First Lesson of Poker

You all know the funny scene from Ocean's Eleven where Brad Pitt's character is teaching the game to a bunch of clueless young actors. But do you remember Rusty Ryan's 'first lesson'?

Question 3

What is ‘the first lesson of poker’ according to Rusty Ryan in Ocean’s 11?

A. This is a poker game. You can’t serve food with more than one syllable.

B. Every time you play a hand of you poker you wanna run through a mental check list. Head Position Hand Position Neck Position Breathing Posture. More than 25 items. It's a lot. And that's why I've come up with a handy mnemonic device. Just one word: HPHPNPBPECMSPAMDCPAFTSTTL. It's easy.

C. Leave emotion at the door.

D. In poker you never play your hand...you play the man across from you.


Post your answers with the hashtag #RKHquiz! Each answer gets 1 point, each correct answer - 5 points. Earn 1 bonus point for each quote you correctly identify!

The RKH team will add these to your 'unofficial record' on rankinghero.com  for February, including your other shared comments, pics and posts in our community.

In early March we'll announce the successor of @Advoghado as our Hero of the Month and he/she will get a cool certificate to hang on their onine wall :)

And here is another opportunity for extra points:

Question 3a:

If you were the teacher, what would be YOUR first lesson of poker? @Alessio Bianchi @Emty @Kat Arnsby @Mark Duguid @Jordan Hooper @Jamie Renwick Maclean 

I can't help but stare at the photo, hard to concentrate on the text 

Leave emotion out!

@Papa of Poker funny how this rule can be applied to my previous comment, aslo